6 things to know before the first trans dating

1.What kind of dating sites or apps to use

For transgender people and other people who are looking for ts dating partners online, not all dating sites and apps are suitable for them. Choose dating sites and apps that are only for trans dating. Many transgender people who are experienced in online dating may know that many ordinary dating sites and apps are not open for threesome dating. It means transgender people are not welcomed to these ordinary dating sites and apps. Transgender dating apps like Translr are great for trans dating, you can join a trans dating app to have a try. It will be better than other ordinary dating apps you used before.

2.Study in advance
If you are new to ts dating, I suggest you to have a study or do some research before find your partner online. Most of us know that trans hookup is different from other kinds of dating. You are facing different dating partners, so the way of dating should be different from other ways of dating. If you don't know trans dating before, you can search online, or ask other experienced people for dating advice. You can also know more about transgender people and transgender dating by making friends with transgender people.

3.Pay attention to your language
Since the way of tranny date is different from other dating, you should pay more attention to your language. What kind of topics to talk about when dating a transgender person? This is the first question you should consider about. There are some sensitive topics that you should never talk about in ts dating, such as the past relationship, life before transitioning and etc.

4.Respect transgender people
Dating with transgender people is more difficult than dating other people. No matter who are you dating, respect your dating partner. The same as ordinary people, transgender people and individuals who need to be respected and loved. No matter what kind of relationship are you looking for, respect is the first step to attract your dating partners.

5.Don't talk about surgery
No all transgender people have had surgery, and transgender people who have had surgery are not comfortable when talking about this sensitive topic. All transgender people don't want to talk about the life before transition. It is a new start for their life, so never ask anything about transitioning.

6.Transgender people are not fetish
Transgender people are not your fetish objects. The same as all of us, transgender people are real people who are looking for dating partners online. Everyone is equal in ts dating. Transgender people who are looking for dating partners online are serious in dating. So, please treat them as ordinary dating partners.

I hope these dating tips can be helpful to you if you are a new comer to trans dating. I'm sure you can meet and date a transgender people successfully once you join translr and do as these transgender dating tips. By the way, I hope all trans people can meet great dating partners here.