Tips for Guys: How to Land on a One Night Hookup?

One night hookup can be nothing but fun and pleasure. I personally adore one night dating because it really makes me feel good when I successfully invite a girl to my house to spend a night with my after we just meet each other for a couple of hours. This can definitely boost one’s confidence. I believe this is also one of the reason for many guys who are so crazy about one night hookup. Actually, there are some principles that can promote the chance of getting laid in your first date or when you first meet a girl in a bar or on the street. Here are some tips for guys on how to land on a tinder hookup.

Go to the right places. If you are hoping to find a one-night stand with a girl, you are not going to find it in the library. At least, the chance is very low there. So what are the places that one night hookup happens most? As some of you may know, bars and night clubs might be the most welcomed places for hookup hunters. These places are filled with girls who are hoping to get laid and boys who are hunting for them. Therefore, if you want to find hookups, go to these bars and night clubs. Second, hookup apps are also very good alternative for guys who are bad at social activities. If you are quite introvert and not good at flirting with girls in real life, face to face, you can turn to online hookup apps. Just by swiping some profiles, you will spot a pretty girl easily and quickly.

Spot the right kind of girls. If you are a hookup newbie, this might not be so easy for you. Actually, if you have done this for several times, you can easily spot the right kind of girl who might be into one night hookup on free dating apps. From my own experience, girls who wear showy clothes, heavy make ups are more open to sexual encounters. You can always see some girls in night clubs who are wearing low-cut shirts or very tight and short pants. Go to them. Also, if you spot some girl who are looking around, checking on different guys, they might be looking for the same thing as you do. You will get familiar with the pattern once you tried some times.

Approach them in the right way. “Hey, care to join me for a wild night?” If you approach a girl with this line, you might as well be prepared to be slammed in the face. Even if you are looking for one-night stand, you should take it slow. Start with introducing yourself and then go from there. If you want to take a girl for the night, you have to let the girl like you first.