What You Can Do for the First Date

Last year, I just broke up with my boyfriend as he had an one night stand with an unknown woman. I quickly said breakup and got over him. I should say I didn’t like him a lot so this breakup offered me a reason to find new friends. And then, I started to use hookup apps. Today, I will talk bout what we can do for the first date.

After two month chat, my partner asked me out and I was nervous at that time. This guy was pretty good with good looking and high salary. And most importantly, every time I chatted with him in this curvy dating app, he would support me all the time. So I thought I should hold this chance. And from this date, I summarized three important tips.

Firstly, stop telling yellow jokes to a stranger. Yes, after we met, he suddenly shared a dirty joke with me and asked if I liked it. I was in deep sorrow because I never thought he was the guy who liked talking dirty. Because as far as I'm concerned, I don't usually tell dirty jokes to strangers. And, I would feel sick if someone tells me but we just met for the first time. Indeed, I thought he was very good, but as he liked to tell dirty jokes to strangers, his image score in my mind has been reduced by at least half

Secondly, stop asking the salary of your partner. I should say the salary is a very private thing. You can know the job of your parnter and guess his/her salary but never ask people directly. First, people were not obliged to answer your questions. Second, it's rude to ask such questions. I was chatting with a boy before, but he asked me how much my salary was and how many people were in my family. The funniest thing was to ask me how much money I have in total. I said there was no savings, and then decisively took him in my blacklist. Believe me, it's really impolite to ask people how much they have and their salary directly. And some people may think you are scammer who wants their money.

Thirdly, you should be polite for the first hookup date. On the one hand, don’t use dirty languages as I mentioned in the first tip and on the other hand, using some words like thanks and please. Well, the first impression is really important. So when we meet for the first time, we must be polite. I was chatting with a little boy before. I began to think that he was very cute as he often called me sister(I knew him from a BBW dating app, too). So we decided to meet each other. We walked into the coffee shop and he started to say some dirty words. I was shocked at that time. Sure enough, people can't be judged by their appearance.

The above three suggestions are what we should or shouldn’t do for the first date and hope they can be helpful to you.