What You Shouldn't Do With Your FWBs

In the friends with benefits relationship, hookup is just the first aspect you need to pay attention to. In fact, there are more rules that you must stick to to avoid a pleasant tinder hookup relationship with no drama plot.

Stay away from each other's friends
There is nothing better than saying “we are in love” than hanging out with each other's friends. If you are in the same social circle, the situation will be worse. Those forces that want you two to stop at fwb dating and start to repel each other. Maybe his/her friends really like you. They may keep an eye on your and limit your choice with other adult friend finders for casual dating. Under such circumstances, your hookup finders may feel more and more comfortable being with you, which may lead the fwb hookup to a loyal relationship. After all, the two of you spent so much time in front of your friends as if you were male and female friends.

Spending time with her/his friends means that they will start gossip about you, making things serious and romantic, which may damage each other social reputation because other adult friends want to know what happened between you two, or she was ashamed of being involved in an unconventional relationship.

Spending time with your friends means that she/he starts to feel that you have given her/his your permission to be part of your life. After all, it is very important to see each other's friend for a couple, isn't it? You may be a communicative person who likes to bring together different people in life and introduce new friends.
This is good, just don't do it with nsa finders who have friends with benefits with you. You can do it with others.

There is another reason why you should not introduce friends whom you care to your adult friends, or meet their friends. It is about boundary control. If the adult hookup relationship between both of you becomes bad, you will want to cut the connection and break up completely.

Abandon those lovely couples stuff
You last hookup, she just came to your house and the two of you stayed in bed together, watching movie she likes. So how about going out for a good dinner? Of course, no. This is totally couple stuff tp do. It is for long-term and serious relationship, not for nsa hook up. Even if you want to make it serious, try to talk about it with your hookup partner to see what does she thing about it. Don't rush it into the serious dating. Ask yourself if you are willing to take her for a dinner, participate a party, and kiss in the bedroom? Would your life to post photos of you two on social media? If the answer is yes, then find yourself a girlfriend. Don't do these pair things with your adult friend finders who only care about the adult hookup.