When Your Hookup Partner Wants Something Serious With You

Keep the distance

If your casual dating relationship with her is your only type of relationship. For example, you met each other by chance, or you met on an online dating apps or dating sites, and you two have no friends in common. Seeing that you may be painful for her, it is best that you all go your own way. However, sometimes things are not that simple. Maybe you start a casual dating with an acquaintance, a friend, or even a colleague. If this is the case, it will be difficult for you to avoid her completely. If she is your friend, you may have no chance to avoid her and you don't want to.

Nevertheless, you will still want to give your adult friend some space, which is very crucial to each other, and she will need it for a while. Don't be cold, but be consistent. If you are with a common friend or working in the same office, this may still embarrass you, but things will eventually calm down in the end, although it will need some time. By giving each other space, it is a great way to avoid the possibility of drama or ineffective communication.

Don't think with your cock
Don't let hormones overwhelm your desire to do the right thing with this adult friend finder. You ask yourself whether you should keep have casual dating with someone who wants to make serious contacts, which may mean that you are worried about hurting the her feelings. Just because you are not in a loyal relationship does not mean that you can give up respect. Respect should be the most important in any relationship.

If you have hooked up with her after you realize that she wants a serious dating, she will continue to be with you, which is very difficult for her. If you do not want to associate with her, it is best to let her forget you and find someone who can be with her for a long-term relationship.

What if you have the same ideas too?

For some adult friend finders, they would like to say: Let's try the serious date. Obviously, things are different from people, that's why you need some advice form experienced people. If you find that you are having feeling for her, but are not sure whether you want to develop this adult hookup relationship in a more serious direction, take a moment to consider these reasons:

Are you still healing from a last serious relationship? If so, it is understandable that you are afraid to start a new relationship at this time. You may talk to her and be honest with what you are thinking at this time.

Are you afraid of being alone, afraid that this may be your only chance to fall in love? If so, then end this casual hookup relationship. You have no serious feelings, when you are calming down, which is why I recommend increasing the dose to avoid this behavior that inevitably leads to unhealthy relationships.