How to have the best one night hookup?

One night hookup might be easy to find, but having a great hookup might not be so easy for some people. Actually, there are over half of people who had hookup before admitted that they didn’t have such a great experience when hooking up with someone. How to have the best one night hookup? If you are interested, keep reading…

Hookup with someone you actually like. Even it is just a hookup, that does not mean you can take everyone as long as it’s a human-being of your preference. That might just said the truth about men who are looking for hookups. They care more about getting laid than who they are getting laid with. However, for women, they usually care more about their appearance. Appearance does matter a huge deal, but personality matters as well. You might ask, if it is going to be just a hookup, why do you care so much about one’s personality? Imagine this, you are in bed with a handsome man while he only cares about his own satisfactory totally oblivious of yours. I think you can get my point now. It is not necessary to know what does he do for a living, how many people he has in his family. All you need to know is that he is generous and considerate enough to satisfy you in bed. Plus, there should also be chemical going on between you.

Ger yourself prepared beforehand. Like I said before, even it is just one night hookup, that does not mean you should do it casually. Getting your self prepared can not only impress your hookup partner, more importantly, it is more about impress yourself. Dress nicely and wear some lingerie inside. Have a real good bath. Have some alcohol. By doing this, you will be able to feel good about yourself and maybe perform better during it.

Safety comes first. I know you may have heard it for thousand of times from different people, but I still need to stress that to you. Whoever you are going to hookup with, you need to wear condom. It can effectively prevent you from getting STD and protect girls from unplanned pregnancy. That is one hand in terms of safety. On the other hand, you should also protect yourself from possible danger that may threaten your safety. I know that many people love to find someone to hookup with on tinder hookup app. One thing good about hooking up on dating apps is that they are efficient and easy, however, danger also comes along with the advantages. You don’t know each other very well and you are going to spend one night together, maybe in your house and maybe his/hers. Always be alert with your conditions and trust your instinct. Once your instinct tells you to get out, don’t hesitate to do it right away.

Hookup for the right reason. Before you getting into bed with that stranger, ask yourself, why are you doing this? The right reason to have a hookup is that you like a person and you want to sleep with him/her for fun. But if you are trying to sleep with someone to get over with your last relationship, I am telling you it won’t go very well and it definitely not going to be the best one night hookup.

Truly embrace hookup culture, even trans hookup. There are actually many people still couldn’t accept the idea of hookup, because in their perspective, sexual activities should be something shared with their significant other exclusively. They cannot fully accept the idea of sleeping with unfamiliar people. If you are one of them, you need to find a way to embrace hookup culture first, because if you are denying it, there is no chance that you are going to enjoy it. If you really cannot find a way to accept it and you still want to try, be prepared to be disappointed. You might also regret your decision of trying it at the first place.